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You Can Unlock The Taken King Collector’s Edition Emblem For Free Right Now

You Can Unlock The Taken King Collectors Edition Emblem For Free
The Collectors edition of Destiny: The Taken King comes with a puzzle to solve for a unique emblem in game. Once it is figured out, you can redeem in on Bungie’s site and use it when The Taken King comes out. Check out this guide to find out how to get the unique Emblem for free!

Destiny: The Taken King Collectors Edition Emblem Code

Some fellows over on Reddit (link) ended up getting their collectors editions early and have since figured out the puzzle that comes inside. The emblem is for anyone who uses the code on the Bungie website, not just for those who ordered the collectors edition.

The code is 3VF-LGC-RLX and you can redeem it at Bungie.net/redeem (Bungie Link) when you are logged in. The emblem can’t be used until The Taken King launches next week but you can unlock it right now. The Emblem looks like some sort of tree and is actually pretty nice looking. Thanks to the guys over at Reddit who figured this one out!

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