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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Armor Sets Bonuses Guide

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Armor Sets Bonuses Guide
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features hidden set bonuses that you can get for wearing and upgrading all the different parts of specific sets. This Zelda Breath Of The Wild Armor Sets Bonuses Guide will tell you all of the armor sets we’ve discovered so far that come complete with a set bonus once upgraded.

There are a lot of different armor sets in Breath of the Wild and although most of them provide individual bonuses, not all of them apply a set bonus. For example, you can upgrade the Hylian set to increase its stats but it does not offer a set bonus. That’s not to say armor without sets isn’t worth upgrading as the increase in defense is always a good thing.

For the armor sets that do have bonuses you need to upgrade them before the bonus is applied. You can upgrade items several times, each upgrade adds a star above the items name in your inventory. To unlock a potential armor set bonus effect you first need to upgrade the entire set twice, so it becomes two star armor. If you want to know how to upgrade armor, check out our Great Fairy Fountain guide.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Armor Sets Bonuses Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Zora Armor Set Bonus’] Zora Armor Set Bonus
The Zora set provides increased swim speed as its basic stat. Once upgraded to two star Zora set it offers an additional bonus, Swim Dash Stamina Up. This massively reduces the amount of stamina it takes to dash while swimming. Whereas previously it could take up 20-25% of the original stamina bar, the upgrade reduces that number closer to 5%. If you want to find all of the pieces of the Zora Armor set check out our weapons and armor guide.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Stealth Armor Set Bonus’]

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Stealth Armor Set Bonus
The Stealth Armor can be bought at Kakriko Village. It doesn’t give much in the way of protection but it does increase your stealth level right away. When you upgrade the whole set to level two you will also get increased movement speed at night. The stealth also lets you sneak up on bugs and other critters easily, as long as you are not sprinting.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Climbers Armor Set Bonus’]

The Climbers Armor Set isn’t the strongest in terms of defensive capabilities but the Climbing Jump Stamina Up bonus for the complete set allows Link to scale cliffs twice as high as he could previously, drastically increasing the amount of times you can jump without losing all of the stamina. Check out our check out our weapons and armor guide to find the full set..

Many thanks to Dannu for his contribution.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Gerudo Set’] Gerudo Set
Offering only 3 defense per piece the Gerudo armor set doesn’t seem all that special on the surface. That, and you look like a woman. However, it’s one of the few armor sets in Breath of the Wild that offers a set bonus instantly, without upgrading. The set bonus provides Heat-Resistance. Perfect as you can only find the set in the Gerudo Desert. Speak with the girl atop the general store at the Kara Kara Bazaar to pick up this set.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Flamebreaker Set’] Breath Of The Wild Flamebreaker Set
This is the armor set you can pick up in Goron City. If you get the set bonus you will become Fire Proof, which I thought it already did. Now you can’t be set on fire by enemies from arrows or hits, like flaming Kleese.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Snowquill Set’] Breath Of The Wild Snowquill Set
The Snowquill set can be bought in the Rito Village at the Clothing Store. It let’s you travel to even the most frigid areas of the map without having to worry about freezing to death. When you upgrade it to level 2, the set bonus makes it so you can’t be frozen at all. This is nice for the snow areas where ice Chuchus like to jump out and freeze you.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Ancient Set’] Breath Of The Wild Ancient Gear
This gear is got from the second research lab up in Akkala . It isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy to find the materials for it but it does increase your defense to the Guardians. If you upgrade it to level 2 you will get Ancient Proficiency and to be honest I don’t 100% know what it means. You either do more damage to Guardians or take less damage, not sure.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Desert Voe Set’] Breath Of The Wild Desert Gear
This is the Male Gerudo gear which you can only get if you upgrade Tarrey Town twice. When the Gerudo is recruited she will open a clothing shop in Tarrey Town and you can buy it there for about 2500 Rupees. This will offer you resistance to electric at level 2 so you don’t drop your weapon when struck.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Dark Link Set’] Where To Get The Dark Link Outfit In Zelda Breath Of The Wild
You can get this armor from Kilton, we have a guide here if you don’t have him unlocked yet. You will move quicker at night when you have the full set on, even without upgrades. It is this way because it cannot be upgraded sadly.
[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

We’re updating this as we progress through the game so check back soon for updates to our Zelda Breath Of The Wild Armor Sets Bonuses Guide.

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  1. There is a second way to get the Desert Voe set by getting the password to the clothing shop. This opens up a side door when you put the password (GSC♦) in correctly, and inside contains the Desert Voe set, and the Radiant set.

  2. Barbarian Set is obtained by completing the 3 mazes in the game. Its set bonus is attack up, 2 upgrades gives stamina boost and a new charge attack. Radiant set lures in skeleton enemy’s, 2 upgrades you’ll get a buff to your Bone attacks.

    1. AFAIK there aren’t any amiibo sets… you get some random weapons and crafting materials from all of them, except Zelda gives you Epona (the famous horse from past Zelda games), and Wolf Link gives you a wolf companion to fight alongside you until it dies, once a day it can be used – like all the amiibos in this game. I’m not aware of any that even give armor, let alone a unique set…

      1. You can get sets from Windwaker, Twilight, Ocarina, and a throwback 8bit color variant called the Hero set.
        The amiibo sets don’t have any set bonuses. They are a pain to upgrade having to farm for star fragments for each one, and nothing but the aesthetic appeal to go with it.
        That said the Wild set you get from completing all shrines does have a set bonus that increases the Master Sword Beam.
        P.S. Wolf Link can be used as many times a day as you’d like. So long as it does not run out of hearts.

        1. Wrong, Each Amiibo Set (Twilight, OoT, WW, and 8bit) all have the same set bonus as the Wild set, AKA master sword beam up. Also, Apparently Radiant Clothes Set Bonus is Called “Disquise; Bone Atk. Up” and have no idea what it does

          1. The Radiant set bonuses up your attack power against skeletal monsters I think. It also acts as a disguise that will prevent the skeletal bokoblins (I forget their actual in-game name) from attacking. I don’t know if the disguise works on the moblin skeletons sine I haven’t tested it against them yet, but I can promise that it works on the bokoblin skeletons.

      2. You get Epona from the Twilight Princess LINK amiibo, not the Zelda amiibo. Also, quite a few amiibo give armor sets, all of which give the same set bonus. The set bonus is the same one that comes with the official Breath of the Wild hero’s garb, the Mastersword beam up set bonus, which increases the range at which the sword can fire its beams.

        So far, I have gotten armor sets from the Twilight Princess Link amiibo, the Post Link amiibo and the WW Toon Link amiibo. I believe there is another, but I forget what the amiibo is called. It’s the 8 bit one. There is also the fierce deity set, which requires the not yet released Majora’s Mask amiibo, though you could get the set not through, uh, “other” means.

        1. Sorry, I definitely should have been more clear. I was under the impression that none of them were unique as in their bonuses or armor ratings. I’m still not sure if that’s completely true, but if there are any unique attributes on them, I don’t know which or what they have that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere in game.
          I haven’t found everything yet in the game but so far the Amiibo sets seem to have equivalent, but different looking, items in game. Unfortunately they barely even look different from each other (most are plain green and boring) and even share the same icon in many cases!

          I don’t know why I was so sure of that when I posted the OP back then, but most sites with Zelda guides on them are extremely inaccurate. I’ve never seen that aspect of sites (copying bad info from elsewhere and never fixing it) be nearly so bad with any game until now! I haven’t found one accurate guide yet, even the published official one.

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