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Where To Find Cold Resistance Gear In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Zelda Breath Of The Wild - Where To Find Cold Resistance Gear
In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, you have to deal with cold weather in certain areas. If you don’t have clothes or food to keep you warm, you will end up dying there. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find Cold Resistance Gear In Zelda Breath Of The Wild.

Where To Find Cold Resistance Gear In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

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For one of the early shrines in the game, one you have to do for the main mission, you will need to travel into a cold area. You can survive this with just some food but it s much easier if you have the Warm Doublet jacket that offers you cold resistance. You get this from the old man in the Great Plateau by creating a food dish for him. First head south from the Temple Of Time and you will find his cabin. Read his journal in his cabin and it will talk about a dish that he cannot remember the recipe for. You will need a Spicy Pepper, Raw Meat and a Hyrule Bass. The Peppers can be found at his Cabin and all over the area, the meat can be hunted for from Boars in the forest and the fish can be found near the first Tower. There is a little Canal with water in between the first Shrine and the Tower, use the bow to kill the fish.

When you have all the ingredients go to a cooking put and cook them up. To cook go to your materials menu and pick hold on one of the ingredients there. You can combine up to five but if you do any more for the recipe you will mess up and not get what you are looking for. If you combine the Raw Meat, Hyrule Bass and the Spicy Pepper you will get the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry dish. This will help you stay warm in cold areas by itself but it will also unlock the Warm Doublet Jacket for you. Speak to the old man, I did it in the forest but I don’t think it matters where, and he will ask you for the recipe. If you give him the recipe he will give you the Jacket and you can now go into the cold area without any weather issues.

Now you know Where To Find Cold Resistance Gear In Zelda Breath Of The Wild, check back soon for more guides!

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  1. Cook some cold resist food. Make your way through the cold area towards the first couple shrines and climb the peak on the way. The old man will appear up top and give you the doublet there as well.

  2. Any idea why there was a chest for me in the house with the warm dublet jacket? I didnt even make the dish =/

    1. Because you got the four shrines completed. And the game is designed to give it to you after A.) completing the dish or B.) completing all four shrines. 🙂 I made the dish to get to the fourth shrine pretty neat dish too wish I had gotten that warm doublet instead of eating them first though lol.

  3. are there like any cold resist pants because i hate holding a torch everywhere i go in the hebra mountain region just to not die

    1. Probably too late for you now, but if you make it to the Gerudo Desert (make sure you have 10 flint & 600 Rupees!), go to the Kara Kara Oasis, climb up onto the roof of the inn/general store & buy the Traditional Gerudo outfit for 600 Rupees, head to Gerudo Town & offer the jewellery maker 10 flint after all her spiel and she’ll make you a circlet – ruby is cold resistance and sapphire is heat resistance; I didn’t check out the topaz but I’m assuming that’s lightning resistance maybe.

      That’s the only other cold resist item I’ve come across thus far though she says she can make more, I haven’t been back yet to check the prices as was side-tracked by shrines!

      Also, if you cook fish/meat with lots of spicy peppers, you get a good cold-resistance effect from that, especially if you use a sizzlefin trout or something like that. Cooking with a Summerwing Butterfly or other “warming” ingredient will make an elixir.

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