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Zelda OoT 3D Hyrule Field Guide

Zelda OoT 3D Hyrule Field Guide

The next part of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is Hyrule Field. This guide will get you to the next dungeon and get anything you will need for it along the way. I will be pointing out locations as I go but I am not doing any side quests at the moment since I just want to get through the game. Feel free to explore if you want then use this to find your way. Lets’ move out. The first thing you will want to do for the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Hyrule Field guide is head to Castle town. It is easy to see and the as the Owl says it is straight ahead. So let’s go. Just keep on the dirt path and roll the whole time to make it before the gate closes. If you miss the gate you will have to fight skeletons that will spawn non stop.

Once you make it inside take the door to the right near the draw bridge. Inside there are a ton of jugs you can break for rupees if you want. Note at the moment you can only hold 99.

After you leave head the other direction to get to the Market. Veterans of the series will notice things different instantly. There are tons of things to do in the Market so look around if you want. If not talk to Malon. She is in front of the fountain and has red hair. She will tell you her dad is still at the castle. Right behind her you will see the path to the castle. Take it.

Once you get to Hyrule Castle you walk forward a bit and the Owl will talk to you. He says not to get caught. Well funny thing you have to get caught once in order to get something from Malon. Climb the vines on the side of the wall then run into a guard once you are all the way up. They will toss you out and you will hear a song. Head back to the vines and you will see Malon. Talk to her. She will give you an egg. It will hatch soon but for now head back up the vines. This time we don’t want to get caught. First run to where the grass turns to stone and hop off. After that keep going until you see two guards on the road. Take the hill to the left up and behind the guard up top. If you get to close he’ll toss you out. Then keep going straight until you run into a wall with vines. Climb up them. After that keep going until you can hop of and go into the water. Take the water until you can get out. At this point you can’t really be caught here so you don’t have to look around so much. If you keep heading down the path you will see the sleeping man. Once day break comes your egg will hatch and you can use the chicken to wake him up. Talk to him and he will run off. After that push the crates of the ledge on top of each other and hop over the gap. You are now inside the castle.

The next part of the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Hyrule Field guide is the castle. Once inside the castle you have to make it to princess Zelda. It’s the same as outside dodge the guards or they toss you out.

First guard is easy just wait until he goes to the back corner and you can run right past him.

Next two are a bit more tricky. The far one moves quicker then the close one though so once they are both behind the fountain you can make a break for it.

Next one just take the top path. You can’t change the camera but if you move slow you’ll be fine.

The next part you have to stay behind the first guard without getting to close or caught by the other one and make a break for it when you can.

The last one I was actually just able to run right through. If you’re not able to wait until they are both on one side of the bushes and run on the opposite side.After that head into Zelda’s room. Go talk to her. She will fill you in on some things. After she is done you can shoot the middle of the window to the left and a 20 rupee will drop out if you want it. You can also see Mario pipes as well. After that talk to the lady at the entrance of the room. Her name is Impa and she will transport you out. She also teaches you your first song. She will tell you to go to Kakakariko. After she disappears you can move on.

That will end the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Hyrule Field guide. As I said though feel free to explore the rest of it if you want. There’s a ranch and a few other things worth checking out.

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