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Zelda OoT 3D King Dodongo Guide

Zelda OoT 3D Dodongo's Cavern Guide

The next Boss in Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is called King  Dodongo. It is a giant form of the other Dodongos in the cave. Of course you will have to use bombs to bring it down. If you run out they have bomb plants in the corners. Let’s get started.
For the Ocarina of Time 3D King Dodongo Boss Guide you will first have to drop into the bosses domain. Blow up the floor and drop down. He will start rolling at you right away. Then he will stop in front of you.

King Dodongo has two main attacks. He can roll and spit fire at you. His roll is easy to dodge just stay in the corner or against the wall and roll when he is about to hit you.

when he is using his fire he will have to suck in for awhile. Lock on and toss a bomb in his mouth when he is doing that. It will blow up and he will drop. Now go hit him with the sword or a Deku stick. I normally use a Deku stick. Right after you hit him he will start to roll again. Dodge it rinse and repeat.

This boss isn’t really all the difficult but if you’re trying to get a good time on Boss rush mode he can be annoying. Just dodge him and toss bombs in his mouth when you can. After three Deku stick hits he will die. Get your heart piece and then get out.

That will end the Ocarina of Time 3D King Dodongo Boss Guide. You can use it for Boss Rush mode or just through the main game. Check back soon for more guides.

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