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Zelda OoT 3D Lord Jabu Jabu Guide

Zelda OoT 3D Lord Jabu Jabu Guide

The next dungeon in Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is Lord Jabu Jabu. Lord Jabu Jabu is a giant fish and you need to be eaten by him in order to start the dungeon. This guide will help you beat it and find any important items inside. Also to get in you have to drop a fish in front of Jabu Jabu. Let’s get started.

To start the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Jabu Jabu guide we will be right inside the mouth of Lord Jabu Jabu. Be sure to equip your Deku Shield here so you can deflect shots back at your enemies. Walk forward and defeat the two enemies that pop out of the water. Near the next door you should see a white thing hanging from the ceiling. Hit it with your slingshot to open the door and go through it.

Go through the next room and through the next door into the next room.

In the next room you run into princess Ruto. She will fall down a hole. Follow her down. Once you get down there talk to her twice so you can start carrying her. Pick her up and go through the door right next to her.

In the next room you will see some bubbles floating. They will hurt you if you touch them. Do what I do and throw the girl at them. Once you get to the of the room you will see a switch. toss the girl down then toss her up on the other side and hit the switch. As the water rises you can get out the other side. Grab her and keep going until you see the whitet hing on the ceiling again. Toss her at it or hit it with your slingshot to open the door. Go through the door.

Once you get inside you will have to deflect a shoot back at the enemy in the water. Do so and wait. An elevator will come down so jump on with the Rudo and wait for it to go back up. Jump back off the elevator at the top and go into the next room. It will be the room you first found Rudo. Go to the other side and go through the door. Careful as you get near the door though an enemy will drop and hit you.

The next part of the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Jabu Jabu guide is in the hallway that splits into the three directions. Take the right path first avoiding the flying enemies. With Rudo you can activate the switch. Do so and enter the room. There will be some stingers in the room. Kill them with your sword or slingshot. After that a chest will appear and you will get your Boomerang. Equip it to a slot and let’s roll out.

Now take the left path. Keep going ans step on the switch. This time leave Rudo on the switch so it doesn’t pop back up. Go into the door and you will see a hanging enemy. Lock on to it and toss the boomerang until it dies. Open the chest after it dies and get your map. Now leave the room.

After you leave the last room the path right next to it will open. Go through that door. You have to kill all the bubbles in 40 seconds. It’s easy use the boomerang or run into them then open the chest and get your compass. Now leave.

Head to the other side where you got the boomerang and go through the other door that isn’t blocked anymore. Kill the enemy inside with and it will open up the middle path. Go to it now. Once inside the door in the middle you will fight a green hanging enemy. Kill it and all the jellyfish then leave. Go back to the room where you first found Rudo.

The next part of the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Jabu Jabu guide is heading to the underbelly of Jabu Jabu. From where you came in drop down the hole the farthest to the right. Once down there take the hall and go through the door. Toss Rudo up to the platform and it’s mini boss fight time.

Bigocto – This guy is pretty easy just run from him until you make it behind him and hit him with your Boomerang. Roll at him if he is going to fast. Ne ready though he can switch at any time. Hit him a couple times with a deku stick and he dies no big deal. Then take the platform up and take the door out.

This room has some electrified things in it. Hit them with the Boomerang so you can jump across them. Do that and take the door out.Keep going a jump the gap. The part of the floor will drop down and you can take the next door. Grab a box to put on the switch so it stays down.

In the last room you need to jump down into the water and climb the vines. Once at the top you can throw your boomerang at the switch in the middle of the room. You may need to kill the jellyfish first because I kept locking onto them first. On the left side of the vines if a Gold Skulltulla if you want to get it. After that enter the boss room.

That will end the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Jabu Jabu guide. Check back soon for the boss guide.

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  1. i need to get back in the room where u get ur boomerang after i have defeated the dungeon and i cant do it because ruto or watever her name is isnt there. could u plz tell me how i get in the room

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