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Zelda Skyward Sword Getting Mia

Zelda Skyward Sword Getting Mia

The first side quest of Zelda Skyward Sword has you finding a cat like animal named Mia. I will refer to it as a cat because I’m not sure what it is. Once you leave your house a guy on the roof will talk to you. Once you make it to him he will ask you to get the cat for him. It isn’t to hard but this guide will get you through it no problem.

First for the Zelda Skyward Sword getting Mia guide you will have to get across the buildings. From where the guy in the brown hair is look at the building. You will see a ledge coming off the bricks. Dash at it and Link will jump,p up and grab it. Now you shimmy across but be careful of your stamina bar because if it hits zero you fall. Really it shouldn’t because it isn’t a large gap but be cautious of it.

Once across the gap you will have to run and do an auto jump over the smaller gap to the next house. Just run straight at it and you will make the jump no problem.

Once over the gap you will see some vines hanging from the wall. Climb up those and you will be a bit closer to the cat. Once on the roof you will see a wooden box. Approach it and the guy will tell you how to move boxes. Move the box so you can jump up to the roof the cat is on. Once it is moved jump on top of it and jump to the roof then grab the cat.

Hop down the way you came and go underneath the sign to get back to the guy in the brown hair and you will have completed his task. Good job.

That will end the Zelda Skyward Sword getting Mia guide. Check our Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough Guide Collection for other guides related to Zelda

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