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Saints Row IV Guide – Zero Saints Thirty Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - Zero Saints Thirty Guide
Your first mission in Saints Row IV is Zero Saints Thirty, where you will take down take down terrorists, disarm a nuke, foil Cyrus’ plans, and save the day. Get through this harrowing mission (and net yourself the Zero Saints Thirty achievement/Trophy) with Gamers Heroes’ guide!

Follow Asha/Execute Terrorist

Sneak up behind the first terrorist and press “R3” — they will go down in one hit. There is a second terrorist nearby that walks back and forth — wait for him to turn his back on you and “R3” stealth kill him.

Go to Comm Room

You will then engage in a firefight against a group of terrorists. Shoot the biohazard barrels scattered around to make them explode and clear out most of them. The rest can be taken down with a few shots — or a well-placed headshot.

After the checkpoint, take down the two terrorists coming from the left, then take down the group of terrorists from a distance.

Wait for the bomb to go off in the cutscene, then go left and take down the terrorists.

From the next checkpoint, go through the door (triangle) and take down the terrorists on the scaffolding first. There is an explosive barrel to your left on the scaffolding and a second on the ground to your right — use them.

Clear the room, go to the second floor, and get in position.

Get in Position/Breach Door/Kill Terrorists

Breach the door (triangle) to take down the terrorists in slow motion. Make sure to take down the terrorists to the far right.

Get to Missile Silo

Once you open the door, chase Cyrus with L2. Get ready for a fight!

First, you will need to make sure to mash cross. When he pulls out his knife, get ready to mash triangle/Y. As he’s reaching for his gun on the ground, wait for R1 to pop up.

Once he launches the nuke, sprint with L2 to get to it. Make your way up the nuke by pressing up on the left analog stick, making sure to dodge falling debris with square. Mash triangle to open the hatch, then press R1 to pull out the wiring. Continue making your way to the top and then make sure to press cross/A when it’s time to fly down.

Congrats! You’ve completed Zero Saints Thirty!

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