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An Interview With Let it Die Director Hideyuki Shin

Let it Die Hideyuki Shin Interview - Gamers Heroes
Let it Die Hideyuki Shin Interview – Gamers Heroes
The latest project from GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture, Let it Die tasks players with climbing the Tower of Barbs in the hunt for untold riches. Gamers Heroes got the chance to ask game director Hideyuki Shin about the development of Let it Die, as well as what the future holds for this free-to-play title.

An Interview With Let it Die Director Hideyuki Shin


Gamers Heroes: We have been eagerly awaiting the release of Let it Die since it was originally announced as Lily Bergamo back in 2013. How has the game changed and evolved since the initial reveal?

Hideyuki Shin: We used to focus on the world setting of Lily Bergamo during the early phase of development, however our focus had moved onto more of a roguelike, hack and slash, survival action game within the free-to-play business model, which resulted in shaping today’s LET IT DIE.

Gamers Heroes: Watching Let it Die in action, we can definitely see that there is a fair amount of fresh content. Could you tell us more about the design process, and how Let it Die came to be?

Hideyuki Shin: We had designed the game with the concept of “Accumulated Death,” while illustrating the deadly nature of battles where fighters wash their blood with others’ blood. We also focused on creating exciting fighting action.

Gamers Heroes: What drew your team to create an online, PVP experience for Let it Die?

Hideyuki Shin: We wanted players all over the world to continuously interact and energize the LET IT DIE community together.

Gamers Heroes: Let it Die has been described as a “rogue-like, hack-and-slash, action survival game.” We can’t say we’ve really seen such a mashup of concepts before. What made your team want to create a game in this style?

Hideyuki Shin: We wanted to make a game that players can keep playing and enjoying endlessly, instead of a story-based game that has an end.

Gamers Heroes: Since Let it Die is a free-to-play game, players starting out will no doubt have to work their way up to the top. How much content do you have planned between the opening segments and the endgame at launch?

Hideyuki Shin: Players can unlock all the contents and storyline elements by progressing through the game.

Gamers Heroes: As a free-to-play title, what type of content, updates, or events would you like to roll out in the first couple of months?

Hideyuki Shin: We cannot reveal the details yet, but we are having minor updates very frequently. In early 2017, we are planning to release new content as well.

Let it Die is out now for the PlayStation 4.

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