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A Video Game Birthed From 20 Years of Roleplay: An Interview with Kisareth Studios

Chornicles of a Dark Lord-Tanya-Kisareth Studios Interview

Chronicles of a Dark Lord is an indie RPG and embryonic franchise from Kisareth Studios. They’re looking to be the next-generation SquareEnix. In this interview with three members of the studio (two do most of the talking), we learn about the CEO’s tumultuous history that led to her aspiration in game development, a former YouTuber who was asked to join the team after humorously criticizing the game, and how the entire Chornicles of a Dark Lord franchise was birthed from 20 years of role-playing on AOL.

Chronicles of a Dark Lord uses an active-time battle (ATB) system and has high fidelity 16-bit looking graphics. The first game was Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1: TIdes of Fate. Despite the word “episode” on the end of the title, the series is not episodic. It’s comparable to the way Final Fantasy numbers their games. Their first game is currently seeking Steam Greenlight support, so give them a thumbs up if you’d like to support them.

Blaine Smith

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  1. That was a pretty amazing interview. Very professionally done! Kudos to Anthony on that! I have to say, I’m now going to be supporting this developer due to this interview (and that I love RPGs). Tanya sounds like someone I’d love to have as a friend, and is very inspirational.

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