Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is an adventure game that aspires to be more than that. According to its producers, it is an interactive drama, a true work of art. Quantic Dreams is known to have produced many games deep in meaning like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. With Beyond: Two Souls, they try yet again to create something dark and unsettling, something that will move the player.

The game tells the story of Jodie Holmes, a girl who possesses the ability of contacting the other side. We can see fifteen years of her life as she struggles with being different from all the other people in her life. Her face and voice actually belong to Ellen Page, an American actress and an Oscar nominee. Jodie has a mystical bond with Aiden, a mysterious being who came to our world from the other side. He is a burden that makes Jodie ostracized, but he also hold the key to the answer we all want to know. He might be able to tell us what happens after we die. Another major character is played by Willem Defoe: professor Nathan Dawkins serves as Jodie’s mentor, helping her understand her environment and the home world of Aiden.

The game is very similar to above mentioned Heavy Rain, though here the main character cannot die due to plot limitations. Beyond: Two Souls, though, focuses greatly on the story and is very similar to an interactive movie. The moral choices that the player makes are extremely important and provide a reason for afterthoughts. Both Jodie and Aiden are controlled and in the case of the player having any problems, the game solves them itself so as not to distract a casual gamer from the story. The graphics are absolutely photo-realistic, with motion-capture used to provide real like animations. The sound is also great, both the voices of above mentioned actors and the musical parts meant to create a unique atmosphere.

  • Developer: Quantic Dream
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3

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As the name of the level suggests you are being hunted in this level and you will have to escape the authorities. You will see Aiden's destructive powers in this level as well. This guide will help you get through the level with no trouble at all! Let's get started.
The Embassy will be the first level in Beyond: Two Souls where you have some choice on how to beat the level. The object is to sneak into a safe and sneak back out without being noticed. This guide will help you get through the level without being seen! Let's get started and have some fun.
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