Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is an action RPG set in a dark, fantasy world as if taken out of a nightmare. It was created by From Software who had also created Demon’s Souls, the predecessor. Have I mentioned nightmares? What Souls series are known for is their almost impossible to master level of difficulty. If you are not prepared to die… and die… and then die again… In order to be happy that you managed to kill one monster more than the previous time… If you’re not ready for that, no use in reading this!

Dark Souls takes place in a dark, unsettling medieval realm inspired by motives like kings and knights, death and dungeons or fire and chaos. Dark Souls is a lot more of a sandbox than Demon’s Souls was. There are some bits of loading, but the game is not divided into separate levels. Thanks to that, exploration is both more complicated and interesting, with more rewards awaiting the players in the places he least expects. We have to roam long corridors of complicated dungeons without ever having them mapped out. This is not the type of game with colorful quest markers and happy exclamation marks over NPC’s heads. You’re in for a real deal here. You can create your own character choosing from many possible combinations, but your initial choices are not all that important. It’s more about what you do afterwards.

Like in real life, you master the things you continuously do. Like in real life, when a monster hits you hard on the head, you die. There are many weapons to choose from and many various pieces of equipment, too. It’s important to focus on the shield. While you might think you’re going to look badass with two swords, you might also end up dead way too fast. You can also use various spells and cause miracles, everything in order to survive. Not everything is easy. Well, nothing is, but some things are more reckless than the others. Everything is possible though and everything can be mastered. It’s just that… Do you have the power of will required?

  • Developer: From Software
  • Publisher: From Software, Namco Bandai Games
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,Microsoft Windows

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Latest Dark Souls News

In a recent interview the creative director of Dark Souls> expressed his concern with the third game. He is unsure if the fans will forgive them for their mistakes and may not have another chance to make the sequel
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Dark Souls Guides

After returning to the Asylum in Dark Souls you can fight a new boss. It is called the Stray Demon. He is a really big and has a large weapon.
This boss is an odd one because you don't have to fight her if you don't want. She is called Crossbreed Priscilla and is in the painting world.
The first boss in Sen's Fortress is called the Iron Golem. This Dark Souls boss guide will help you bring him down quick.
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Dark Souls Review

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