Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

In Dead Space 3, we can play as Isaac Clarke for the third time. The survival horror set in a science fiction world continues the plot revolving around the engineer. His most important companion is his armor RIG: Resorce Integration Gear, and as in every game of the series, he has to fight necromorphs, people infected by an unknown space virus that turns them into monsters. His weapons are often pretty random. Isaac is not a soldier, ha has to use his tools and items found along the way to stand a chance against the necromorphs. In Dead Space 3 we can visit Tau Volantis, a freezing planet where Isaac hope to stop the infection once and for all.

After his escape from Sprawl, he is joined by sergeant John Carver, a new character in the series. A lot has been changed in the gameplay. The key elements are still here: interface based on holograms, strategic thinking applied through cutting off enemies’ limbs (every limb or head can be shot off). In comparison to the previous instalments, however, the game has turned more in the direction of an action-packed one. It used to be a stealthy, scary survival horror, now it’s more of a slaughter and it’s us who can cause it, not the monsters. The new drop-in drop-out system lets the player drop into the game at any given moment to play together with sergeant Carver. Playing with him or on our own actually makes for two very different games, for each of them there are separate plotlines, dialogues and troubles planned. Dead Space 3 has no multiplayer mode other than cooperation, and that of two people at most.

Defending the station or attacking it in the skin of a necromorph, which was present in Dead Space 2, has disappeared. Among the novelties, there is the ability to dodge attacks or take cover. Using the Worker’s Bench, Isaac can both construct new weapons and combine existing ones together. Visceral Engine is what enabled the game to have beautiful graphics. Thanks to the change of scenery, this time we can see beautiful icy sights, and not only dark, boring corridors of spaceships.

  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Third-person shooter
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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In order to build new weapons in Dead Space 3 you need to find the weapon parts scattered throughout the game. Without new guns beating the game will become much more difficult. This guide will help you find the weapon parts as you go. So let's get started and upgrade some of them weapons!
This Dead Space 3 Guide: Artifact Collectibles Guide will detail every artifact in the game, where you can find them, how to get them and what you can unlock for finding every artifact for each part.
In order to maximize your weapons in Dead Space 3 you will need to use circuits found throughout the game. They have different effects and some of them have multiple effects or special effects. This guide will help you locate all of them as you go through the game! Finding them will only make the game easier for you!
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