Destiny is the first game set in a new realm out of many that Bungie Software has already planned. The popular studio, famous mostly for their bestselling series Halo, creates a new shooter which is in many things different and similar in as many to their previous work. In Destiny, we also fight using weird, futuristic weapons, and we have whole rival civilizations to overcome. Here, however, there is a strong focus on playing together with other players, not on our own.

The story is set in century 28, when the human race suddenly finds itself on the brink of becoming extinct. Our Golden Years ended abruptly with the coming of Traveler, an enormous, mysterious alien spaceship. It began floating over the Earth like another Moon. The remaining survivors got together and built The Last City on Earth to have a base in which the remnants of civilization could stay. Now, however, the aliens are getting more and more aggressive. It is visible that what they want is to totally eradicate the human kind. The player will be able to become a Guardian, a person who can use superpowers thanks to the presence of Traveler.

The Guardians are divided into three classes: Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Titan is something like a tank with his heavy armor and mighty weapons that fire thousands of bullets at once. Hunter is very skillful in the art of using a sniper rifle and tends to stay hidden from his enemies and Warlock is a specialist in using the above mentioned power which serves as magic of the series. In Destiny, you are meant to play together with other people. Theoretically, you can just go ahead without caring about finding companions, but the targets the game sets for us are much easier and more pleasant to reach when we are together with someone of another class. Traveling is the best in a group of a few people, with the additional possibility of new players coming across us. We need to have a stable connection to the Internet maintained at all times in order to play Destiny, even if we wish to play alone.

  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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Latest Destiny News

The new expansion for Destiny was leaked a couple weeks ago but now we have the official reveal trailer for the Rise of Iron expansion. It doesn't show of much gameplay but it is still pretty awesome. Come check out the trailer and get some details here!
The first expansion in Destiny is right around the corner and today Activision released a new trailer for it. Is The Dark Below worth picking up or should you stick with something else? Check out the trailer to help you make your choice.
If you've been fighting an unquenchable thirst since the last public beta event for Destiny, you're in for a surprise. Bungie today revealed the release of a brand new website that promises to deliver an intricate look at the huge universe in Destiny and some insight into those that inhabit it.
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Destiny Videos

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Destiny Guides

After completing The Extermination mission from Eris you will get three patrol missions from her. The Hand of Crota, Eyes of Crota and Heart of Crota are all done on Earth. Check this guide to find which areas you will need to visit to get the right patrol missions!
A new NPC comes in The Dark Below expansion and she brings new bounty missions to the Tower. Eris Morn has her own reputation, shaders, emblems and class gear. If you want to access her gear you will have to complete her bounty missions.
One of the new story missions in The Dark Below has you looking for Xur so you can buy The Urn Of Sacrifice. You know Xur right? The guy who only appears for the weekend and disappears for a week? Well here we are Tuesday with the mission to complete and no Xur to be found.
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Destiny Review

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