Evolve is a new shooter from the creators of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Turtle Rock is going to bring us an all new production, trying to create a new universe while using their rich experience gained during the creation process of their previous games. Evolve is another shooting game that concentrates on cooperation. However, at the same time collaboration it is strongly mixed with rivalry. You never stay a predator or a hunted for long, the roles constantly fluctuate, enabling the players never too feel secure. In Evolve, there are two rival fractions, one of them quite solitary. this one only consists of one player who controls a big, powerful beast, much faster and stronger than the other players’ characters.the beast is opposed by a team of four soldiers. Although they outnumber the monster, they can never feel secure: one reckless action can cost them their lives. All the Hunters from among whom we can choose have their own background and represent a different class, each of them meant to be able to help the others in order to defeat the monsters. There are many monsters to choose from, too.

While the exact number remains unknown,there will probably be more than ten, each with different powers and weaknesses. The gameplay, unlike that in typical shooters, is asymmetric, with each side of the conflict experiencing a very different type of game. The monster, as the title suggests, needs to evolve. When the game begins it is not strong enough to defeat the soldiers unless the player controlling it is a great tactician.

The monster needs to feed on wild animals in order to grow in size and power, gaining new dangerous abilities that grant him new attacks or moves. The soldiers, on the other hand, need to stick together, at all times aware of their surroundings. Being surprised by the monster personally renders them helpless. Evolve is created specifically for multiplayer. It has all the typical mechanisms, we can unlock new Hunters, monsters and items. The design and implementation of these features is one of the games biggest advantages.

  • Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Latest Evolve News

Evolve is only a few weeks away and today we got another trailer for the game. This time we get a survival guide trailer that shows us how to win with the monster or the hunters. Check out the trailer and get some details here!
Every game these days has some downloadable content and Evolve is no exception. The DLC comes in the form of a new monster and some new hunters. Get all the details on the DLC here!
The long awaited Evolve will soon be upon us following the news that the game has been cleared for the final certification process from first party vendors, and the development team are celebrating the games "gold" status with the release of a brand new cinematic trailer - spoiler, it looks incredible.
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Evolve Videos

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Evolve Guides

The Monsters in Evolve have a huge advantage over the Hunters. Bringing down one of these Beasts will take some skill, communication and a bit of luck. These Hunter tips and tricks will help you bag the monster and survive the fight!
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Evolve Review

Some cosplays are easy to pull off -- after all, anybody can don Solid Snake’s cardboard box or L’s white shirt. However, there are other cosplays that take countless hours of design. For this Mass Effect fan, the following cosplay of the Asari race is literally out of this world.
MyRISE will feature an all-new career mode with two original storylines in 2K Games' WWE 2K24.
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Evolve Screenshots & Gallery

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