Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a high-definition remastered version of Final Fantasy Type-0, originally a Japan-exclusive title for the PSP. The game is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis sub-series of the Final Fantasy franchise, which includes the Final Fantasy XIII series as well as Final Fantasy XV. Apart from support for HD resolutions, the game features updated graphics, an expanded color palette and drops the multiplayer functionality from the original game in lieu of additional difficulty levels, including an “Easy” option. The game also features miscellaneous other changes, such as an improved in-battle camera, increased blood levels from the original game as well as a more customization, dynamic screenshot mode. The game features brand new costumes for the player characters, as well as including costumes from the original game’s DLC content, now included as unlockables. Other than these changes, the game remains faithfully similar to the original PSP title.

The game follows the adventures of Class Zero, a group of fourteen students from an elite military academy from the Dominion of Rubrum who find themselves fighting the Militesi Empire, which launches an assault on the other Crystal States of Orience. While trying to push back Militesi’s forces, the students find themselves confronting the secret behind the war, as well as the existence of the crystals.

The game uses a real-time action RPG battle system based on the “ATB Kai” system and similar to the one in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in which the player controls Class Zero as they undertake critical missions. Between missions, the player can move Class Zero on a world map, explore Akademeia, breed Chocobos to ride on, and complete side-quests. Upon entering a mission, three members of Class Zero must be selected, while the others are kept in reserve in the event the player character dies. The lead character can be swapped in real-time. Players earn experience points over the course of combat, as well as “Phantoma”, which is used to upgrade the characters’ magic skills. Characters can also summon monsters to help them in the fight. Called Eidolons, these monsters can be summoned for a limited period of time at the expense of the character’s maximum health.

  • Developer: Square Enix, HexaDrive
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

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Last months PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Square Enix are celebrating an impressive milestone as the additional incentive of a Final Fantasy XV demo helped drive the game to over 1 million shipped copies since launch.
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Final Fantasy Type-0 Guides

Rubrum is the area right outside of Akademeia in Final Fantasy Type-0. The tasks out here can be completely overlooked if you don't search for them. This guide will help you find and complete all the tasks in the area!
After a few story missions in Final Fantasy Type-0 you will unlock Tasks to do for extra rewards. Some are easy to find while others are hidden on the Akademeia campus. This guide will help you find the tasks and complete them.
Events in Final Fantasy Type-0 will net you extra items and help you learn more about the characters you are playing as. Some are easy to find but others are hidden around campus. This Final Fantasy Type-0 Events Guide will help you find them all as you play!
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Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

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