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League of Legends, to describe it in a general way, is a strategic game. If I said it to its avid fan, though, he would probably kill me. League of Legends mixes elements of a game of skill with a real time strategy and a very specific map layout to create an all-new genre: MOBA (massive online battle arena). It is not the precursor of course and it is not the only game of this kind, but it surely is the most popular one.

It is all inspired by Defence of the Ancients, an old, popular map from Warcraft III. The game, though the plot is not the thing that has addicted thousands of people, is set in a typical fantasy realm called Valoran. That world is full of countries that disagree on everything on which you can possibly disagree. After years of wars that were crippling the nations, all of them decided to create the League of Legends. From then on, all conflicts would be settled by duels or small battles of the legendary heroes, without the whole nations having to suffer. As the above mentioned legends, the players fight on closed arenas similar to typical maps from real time strategies.

In every battle, there are two teams. Depending on the size of the map chosen, each team consists of three or five players, with the latter mode being much more popular and one game, much longer. We can choose our character between every single battle. It is only our account that can level up permanently: in a normal battle, all players start out with a level one character, only levelling up during the battle to start all over again in the next one. During a match, we can also gather gold that falls out of killed minions. In a store located in the middle of our team’s base, we can buy potions and pieces of equipment that can help us on the battlefield or further specialize the character, raising some particular stats useful for our attitude to the game.

  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Publisher:Riot Games, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Garena
  • Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X

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Latest League Of Legends News

Another Void creature makes its way to the surface in League Of Legends. Rek'Sai The Void Burrower will be the next champion to join us on the Fields of Justice. Come get the details on Leagues newest champion here!
Braum is best played in the bottom lane as a support. Hes has a slow, shield that can block a hit, and a buff that gives his ally some armor and magic resist based off how much Braum has. His ultimate is him slamming his shield into the ground and sending a ice blast at you that damages and knocks up any enemy it hits.
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League Of Legends Videos

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League Of Legends Guides

ARAM in League of Legends in a completely different beast from the normal 5v5 or 3v3. With a different map and less room to move you will need to play a bit different for the win. These tips and tricks should give you the edge in the fight for the howling abyss! Check it out!
The newest champion to join League of Legends is called Varus. He is a ranged AD but does magic damage from a couple of his moves. This guide will be for AD Varus and is best played bot with a good support.
The newest champ to be added to League of Legends is called Hecarim. He is a fast moving and quick attacking champ, though is a bit squishy at first.
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League Of Legends Review

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