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Battle Princess of Arcadias Preview

Battle Princess of Arcadias - Gamers Heroes
Battle Princess of Arcadias – Gamers Heroes

If there’s one thing we at Gamers Heroes love, it’s beat-em-ups. After last year’s stellar Dragon’s Crown, we’ve been dying to get our hands (more like fists) on wave after wave of thugs and ne’er do wells. Leave it up to NIS America to remedy this drought with Battle Princess of Arcadias.

Much like the side-scrollers of yesteryear, Battle Princess of Arcadias has you fighting waves of goons before stepping toe-to-toe with a killer boss. There is a diverse lineup of baddies, characters, moves, and even combos in place to help keep things fresh.

However, much like Dragon’s Crown, a number of modern-day tweaks have been made. High-res sprites are a given, but an RPG-like leveling system has been thrown into the mix. A loot system is also in place, allowing players to collect weapons and materials to forge even greater gear.

So can Battle Princess of Arcadias fight like the best of them? Stay tuned for our review next month!

Battle Princess of Arcadias will be available on the PS3 via PSN on June 17 in North America and June 18 in Europe.

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