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Bulletstorm Preview

Bulletstorm Preview

Release Date:2-22-11
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360
Price: Normal and EPIC Edition (360 Exclusive) – $60

Bulletstorm makes the other shooters out there look like a bunch of wimps with it’s macho manly man, big guns, grunt grunt mentality.


As I said above the weapons in Bulletstorm are big, bad and nasty. In the demo you get to try out three of the game’s weapons. The Peace Maker Carbine (PMC), the Flail Gun, and the Screamer. Every Weapon can be charged up to unleash ultimate mayhem to the NPC’s. Another very important weapon is the leash. With it you can bring enemies up close and personal to pull off some Skillshots or shoot them sky high to perform some even crazier ones.

Kill With Skill-

Bulletstorm definitely sets itself apart from other shooters with it’s Skillshot system. Skill points are awarded to the player when he or she kills an enemy in a unique way using the leash, various weapons and their charged states, and a bit of creativity. Skill Points are used in the game to buy new weapons and ammo at specified shops throughout the game’s campaign. This system Is really neat but I think it will get old using your leash to kill every single enemy you are put up against in the game. Unless there are way more combos (which there should be) and way more interactive environments besides cliffs and spikes, the system will get real boring real fast.


There are two main elements in Bulletstorm’s multiplayer. Cooperative, and Competitive. On the Co-Op side there is Anarchy mode. In this Horde like mode you and three friends battle progressively harder waves. The thing that’s sets this apart from horde is of course the Skillshot system, but in Anarchy you and your friends can get Co-Op skill shots that are worth much more than if you were to kill the enemy yourself. On the Competitive side, the Echo option on the main menu allows you to play the most action packed sections of the single player and focus on getting Skillshots. Your score at the end of the Echo is uploaded to a leaderboard where you can compare your score with friends.

EPIC Edition

This Xbox exclusive edition offers early access to the Gears of War 3 Beta. In addition to that you will receive in game extras like 25,000 bonus experience points, visual upgrades for your leash and new boots and armor.

You can pick up the Bulletstorm Demo now on either the Playstation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace

Written by Jake Stewart

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