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Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Preview

Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance review
Disgaea 5 brings the game series to the next generation with Alliance of Vengeance on PlayStation 4. Crazy combo attacks, a large cast of characters and, of course, Prinny dood. Find out what else you can expect to experience in Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance here!

Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Preview

Disgaea 5 features series new comers, Killia and Seraphina. Killia is a wanderer in the Netherworld and Seraphina is a Overlord of Gorgeous. They meet at the start of the game during a battle with the Lost. Killia is reluctant to join up with Seraphina but due lack of energy he goes with her back to pocket Netherworld. After teaching Seraphina the basics of battle, Killia wants to leave but is convinced to stay because they both have the same enemy, Void Dark. Both of them have personal reasons for going after the Demon Emperor that you learn about as the game goes on. Demon Emperor Void Dark is the leader of the Lost, the main enemy of the game.

Much like previous entries in the series, you will be recruiting allies to join you in the fight against the Demon Emperor. You will recognize a lot of the faces from the other games with some new comers. Your starter classes consist of Warriors, Mages, Healers, Fighters and more Prinnies, if you want to roll with an army of them. Sex plays a role in each classes stats and having the right team will make a level easier or harder. More classes get unlocked later in the game, we will go over that in a bit.

Combat has changed on a few different fronts. It is still a strategy RPG that puts emphasis on unit placement. The basic combat is the same, move, attack/skills and end turn. Combos return, throwing returns and so do Geo blocks (thankfully). A new ability known as Revenge makes an appearance. This is basically a meter that fills and makes you stronger for three turns. Your key characters also gain new unique abilities from these as well. At the end of a stage you will now get three MVP bonuses as well. The three units that did the best in battle will receive an EXP boost, great for leveling new players or key units.

Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Preview

The central hub in the game is called the Pocket Netherworld. The area is very similar to the old Disgaea games with a few additions. You still have you equipment and item stores, skills and Evility’s shop and recruitment areas here. The new area I want to hit on is the Quest area. The addition of side quests will be in Disgaea 5. Doing these will net you equipment, money, items, skills and new units to recruit. This is how you unlock the new units to recruit later down the line. Some of the quests are also repeatable so you can get extra of items or farm cash. The song playing in the Pocket Netherworld is kind of catchy also.

You will, of course, come across special characters that join you as the story progresses. I’m not going to spoil when or who will be joining but I figured I’d just add that as well. These characters end up being some of you strongest units.

So far I’ve played for about 6-7 hours and I have to say I am hooked. It is looking like Disgaea has successfully made its way to the next generation of consoles. We will have a review up once the embargo lifts, and once I beat the game, so check back soon for that!

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