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Dizzy Hearts Demo
Dizzy Hearts Demo

A video game without gameplay? Who would play such a thing?

You’d be surprised.

A mainstay in Japan’s gaming landscape, the visual novel (VN) genre of games puts the story front and center, giving players the occasional choice between volumes of text. Western gamers have seen the odd title localized, but Portland-based Taosym and his indie studio Lupiesoft is trying something different with their visual novel Dizzy Hearts: he’s creating one himself.

Close to a decade in the making, Dizzy Hearts tells the story of Seriva and her journey beyond the rift. Throughout her journey, she meets a diverse group of people, including the princess Mercilia, the priestess Aunyrae, the bodyguard Nail, and the Thaumaturgist Irraere.

Dizzy Hearts takes place during the Radiant period of the world, a world that will be connected to other games Taosym and Lupiesoft have planned. Though the project is still in development, it is estimated to have more than 90,000 words in the script.

The title launched a successful Kickstarter a year ago, generating more than 16,000 dollars. While the game has yet to be released, you can download a free demo here.


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  1. For anyone curious we (Lupiesoft) have overhauled the sprite(character) art since this demo build. The examples are directly available on our Kickstarter update feed.

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