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Worms Revolution – Hands-On Preview

Worms Revolution Preview
With roots dating back as far as 1995, Worms is easily one of the most iconic franchise titles of the 1990s. Developed by Team17, Worms has spawned a number of titles since the original, ranging from full 3D games to Worms Golf and Pinball, but the heart of every fan lays with the unique, side-scrolling artillery combat. Worms Revolution brings the Worms franchise going back to its roots featuring the side-scrolling combat fans have come to treasure. We were lucky enough to get some hands-on time playing Worms Revolution, so have a read through this Worms Revolution Preview to wet your appetite until release.


Worms Revolution Classes
The Classes of Worms Revolution
For the first time ever in a Worms game, Worms Revolution introduces character classes for the Worms. Each class of Worm has a different set of strengths and weaknesses, offering players a new level of tactical thinking and strategic game play. Firstly, there’s the Solder. The Soldier Worm is the typical Worm we’ve all come to love from previous Worms titles, agile and strong, the Soldier is the most balanced Worm class in Worms Revolution. The second of the four classes is the Scout. These are the smallest Worms in Worms Revolution making them the most agile, having the ability to jump higher and further than the other classes in the game. He’s also a much harder target as the hitbox is far smaller than the Soldier or Heavy classes. The downside to the Scout is that his attacks are weaker than the other Worm classes and due to his light weight, he can also travel much further if he comes into contact with a grenade or baseball bat.

The Heavy does exactly what it says on the tin, they hit hard. They’re the biggest Worm in the new class system, but they’re also the slowest. They struggle to reach areas of the landscape that the other classes take for granted, but they’re able to deliver a lot more damage with the weapons. He does have access to various utility weapons such as the iconic Jetpack and dangerously infamous Ninja Rope, but even using those he’s not as agile as the other classes. Due to his size and weight, the Heavy is easier to hit than the other classes but also travels far less distance when faced with explosives. The final class, the Scientist, plays the support role in Worms Revolution. His attack power and agility are lower than the Soldier Worm, but he does have certain bonuses that help him support the team, such as regenerating team health every turn, or building more powerful Sentry Guns and other utility items.


Worms Revolution Customization
Check out the new customization options in Worms Revolution.
As with previous games in the Worms franchise, Worms Revolution allows players to customize various aspects of their Worms and team. In a similar way to older games players are able to customize the name of their Worms, as well as equipping some aesthetic items such as helmets. Other areas of Worm customization include Gravestones, Victory Dance and Voice overs. There’s already an impressive selection of different customization options, so it shouldn’t find difficult to find a setup you like. Complimenting the new class system is the custom formations, a new feature that allows players to build multiple teams of Worms consisting of different classes, allowing players to switch to different class setups between games, without having to spend time changing it every match. The game will also feature a landscape editor at launch but it’s not currently available.

Weapons & New Features

Worms Revolution Weapons
The new weapons in Worms Revolution

When it comes to Worms games, what is it we really care about? I’ll tell you, the different ways we can cause pain to any Worm that dare stands in our way, and Worms Revolution includes an exciting array of new weaponry, as well as the return of fan favorites. Some of the most famous weapons from the franchise make a return, including the devastating Concrete Donkey, hilarious Holy Hand Grenade and the quietly deadly Granny. Many of the core weapons are also featured such as the Bazooka, Grenade, Dynamite and Baseball Bat, as well as many of the utility items available such as Blow Torch, Girders and Teleport. Having all the old stuff is great, but it’s the new weapons and utilities that separate Worms Revolution from previous games in the franchise. One of the most notable is Bogger B, a deadly military Worm that can be summoned into a game while hanging from a helicopter. The controller can then launch a grenade onto the map but using a 3D angle, giving the option of bombing someone deep underground without having to drop something down the tunnel. A number of the new weapons have been included to counter regular strategies from previous titles, adding far more potentially successful play styles.

The new weapons compliment some of the new features implemented into Worms Revolution such as the new dynamic water and interact-able objects. There are two new abilities, UFO and Telekinesis, that allow players to change the surrounding environmental hazards and objects. Both skills involve moving or destroying objects placed around the map, in previous Worms titles the majority of items just mixed up the terrain a little bit, but the new in-game obstacles can be moved and manipulated, adding a different level of tactics that hasn’t been featured in the series before. The water is also a brand new addition and it behaves differently to the “Death Water” at the bottom of each map. The water involved in the game area actually moves and behaves as real water would, but with a Worms twist. Water can be found in various locations on each map, and players can free trapped water to wash away enemy Worms or drown those buried underground. Worms also have the ability to create and destroy water using the Water Pistol and Plug.

Preview Thoughts

Worms Revolution is exactly what the series needs. It brings fans the return of the old-school tactical game play, with the addition of new weapons, better customization options and huge amounts of multiplayer potential. There’s a host of other features such as the ability to buy more ammo during matches, unlock new Worms and items, as well as a highly challenging puzzle mode. We’ll be writing a review up closer to release so check back for that, but if you’re a Worms fan, don’t waste any time in pre-ordering Worms Revolution as it has all the ingredients to top every previous game in the franchise.

Note: The video got borked during uploading, uploading a newer one but feel free to watch this one while you wait.

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