Hazard Ops Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Hazard Ops Closed Beta Key Giveaway
Infernum Productions and Gamers Heroes are proud to announce our latest gaming giveaway, instant closed beta access for the brutally violent online third-person shooter, Hazard Ops. Players are able to enjoy an entirely new approach to online shooting titles completely free, no subscription or purchase is necessary. The has already amassed a huge following thanks to its mature approach to third-person shooters, offering an intense experience as players battle against zombies, robots, dinosaurs and other blood-thirsty gamers.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below:

Interested? I thought you would be. We’ve got 50 Hazard Ops closed beta keys to giveaway, granting immediate access from 12PM CEST today, Friday June 20th.

[keys id=37674]

You can redeem your key here.

Have we run out of keys? We will also be giving another 40 Hazard Ops closed beta keys during a livestream later today. Check out the official Gamers Heroes Twitch.TV channel at 15:30 EST // 20:30 BST for your chance to grab some keys for you and your friends. Share the word!

For updates and other information relating to Hazard Ops, check out the official Facebook and website.

As with all our giveaways here at Gamers Heroes – members of the Hall of Heroes can contact us via FB and request a key in chat up to, or before, 2PM EST.

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