11 Bit Studios Announces Brand New Title – The Alters

11 Bit Studios, the creative minds behind This War of Mine and Frostpunk, recently announced a brand-new title, The Alters. The Alters explores the “what if’s” of human development. Have you ever thought about how much a single choice could have reshaped your future? The game focuses on tiny, binary decisions that have the potential to influence the entire lifespan of an individual.

The Alters follows the story of Jan Dolski, a simple man with a simple job, faced with decisions that lead him to a life-changing crossroads. After crash landing on a distant planet, Jane finds himself stranded and alone. In an effort to survive, Jan must find help, and he does so by creating alternate versions of himself. It’s an incredibly fascinating premise and considering 11 Bit Studios’ track record, this could be a real thinker.


Tomasz Kisilewicz, Game Director of The Alters“These are not clones. They are the alters. Alternative versions of the same person. Each alter has a different skill set necessary to achieve success, but players have to take care of every one of them. And each one of them has a unique personality resulting from their unique life path. How those life paths go and how those relationships are built – it’s entirely up to you as a player”.

Source: Press Release
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