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3D Pokemon Finally Announced

In a much anticipated announcement today Nintendo has put out a new Nintendo Direct that they call the Pokemon Direct. A new title will be arriving for the 3DS this October all over the world. The two newest titles in the Pokemon Universe will be called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Pokemon Direct Break Down

The Nintendo Direct seemed almost pressed for information for some of it. The game is really early in development and not a whole lot is known. The conference started out with going over the history of Pokemon from the first one that came out on Game Boy, Pokemon Red and Green that launched in Japan.

Moving forward Nintendo had one theme across all of the Pokemon games. Pokemon games advanced when the handheld technology advanced and they are continuing that today. The next version Pokemon will be a 3D adventure.

From what the trailer shows the game will not just be a re-skinning with a little bit of depth. Everything down to the fight sequences are going to be redone and re-imagined in a 3D space. Finally players will be roaming around in a Pokemon world in an over the shoulder, 3rd person, adventure style game. Long gone will be the times of the top down style of Pokemon games of the past.

Another thing that the Pokemon Direct talks about is that the launch will be world wide. Every Pokemon game from the past has come out in Japan well before it has reached anywhere else in the world. In the past Nintendo has taken their time to localize every game in a very particular way. On this launch, Nintendo said, they are able to get over the hurdles that were in place in the past.

All of the new features of the 3DS will be used in this new set of Pokemon Games. That means 3D, street pass and other things exclusive to the 3DS will be used. They didn’t announce any details on this but make sure to keep it locked on Gamers Heroes for more. Below is a collection of a ton of screen shots from the Pokemon Direct if you want to check out a few more of these things in depth.

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