3DS Find Mii Magic Guide

3DS Find Mii Magic Guide

I picked up a 3DS a couple days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that it came with a few built in games. One of which is called Find mii which involves your mii being captured in a tower and you have to fight enemies to retrieve him. On the way up nearly every room you clear will give you a hat for your mii. Each hero you use can use magic and each color is a different magic.

You cannot pick the color of a hero you recruit and the favorite color of a street pass mii will determine its magic.

Purple – Poison – Each turn after it is cast it will take 1hp from all enemies in the room.

Red- Fire – Burns the enemy with fire. Really effective against blue ghosts.

Pink – Daring – Makes your next hero not flee until after they attack and they also have increased crit chance but less accuracy

Light Blue – Freeze – Freezes the enemy in place

Dark Blue – Water – You use a water attack against an enemy

Yellow – Sandstorm – Reduces accuracy of everything including your own heroes

Green – Strengthen – Your next hero gets stronger

Orange – Morale boost – All heroes after this will deal increased damage

White – Light – Lights up the area. Useless unless the room is completely dark.

Black – Darken – Makes the room dark. Makes it so your heroes won’t be able to see either

Light green – Sleep – Puts the enemy to sleep so you can attack until they wake up. Potential to kill an enemy with a single hero

Brown – Summon – Can summon a lvl 1 or 2 wandering hero. Useful if used on a lvl 1 since it could be upgraded.

That’s all the magic for the 3DS find mii mini game. It is a nice little timer killer and hopefully when the 3ds shop comes out we will get some updates to find mii and maybe some new magic.

Little side note the enemies with shields can only be hit with heroes that have the same color shirt as the shield color. I.E. Shield color yellow you need a yellow shirt to hit it.

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