4Chan Holds Their Second Vidya Gaem Awards

4Chan Holds Their Second Vidya Gaem Awards
Do you ever get the feeling all video game news is paid off? While we at Gamers Heroes always tell it how it is (our Dead Space 3 review proves that), the folks over at 4Chan’s /v/ board take brutal honesty to a whole new level. Dissatisfied with Spike TV’s ad-infused Video Game Awards, they have returned once again to make their own award ceremony: The 2012 /V/idya Gaem Awards.

Created in collaboration with the Website Gather Your Party, the second annual /V/idya Gaem Awards (/V/GA’s) trades political correctness and product placement in for brutal honesty and crude jokes. Samuel Jackson may not make an appearance, but the “Reddit Award” (for most hated fanbase) and “Kotick Award” (for crimes against gaming) most certainly do.

The two-hour ordeal is also peppered with skits regarding DmC: Devil May Cry’s “Shakespearian” roots, the My Little Pony fanbase, and plenty of Mountain Dew and Doritos. Not every joke hits its mark, but the whole neo-80s presentation has a level of polish much higher than the iJustine’s and PewDiePie’s of the world (which also make the list in the “Slender Award” for most hated vidya-related YouTube personalities).

Casey Scheld

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