A New Theme Hospital Or Black & White Game Could Be Announced Tomorrow

A New Theme Hospital Or Black & White Game Could Be Announced Tomorrow
Earlier today a new Tweet appeared on the SEGA Europe Twitter account that could be hinting at a new addition to SEGA’s simulation line-up with potential sequels for Theme Hospital or Black & White.

The Twitter message includes the single image of a light-bulb and the phrase “Two-Morrow”. The image also features the logo of Two Point Studios. Back in May of 2017 Two Point Studios and SEGA announced that the team will be working on a sim game.

A brief description of Two Point Studios on Instagram further confirms the developers behind the company have experience with past titles such as Fable, Black and White and Theme Hospital.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Two Point Studios’ position=” photo=”]Two Point Studios Making sim games with Sega. Ex-Lionhead & Bullfrog devs behind Fable, Theme Park, Theme Hospital and loads more! www.twopointstudios.com[/testimonials]

What do you think? Will we be seeing the return of a classic IP or will SEGA be pushing into new aspects of the genre?

Source: Twitter

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