A Superyacht Life Bonuses This Week in GTA Online

All those that dive into Rockstar Games’ GTA Online this week will be able to get for themselves a cool Double GTA$ and RP on A Superyacht Life missions and Hidden Caches.

On top of this perk, players can also get themselves Triple GTA$ and RP on Extraction this week in GTA Online. This week also marks the return of Peyote Plants.

For those looking to take on the latest Weekly Challenge, those that complete three A Superyacht Life missions will earn players a GTA$100,000 bonus. An extra GTA$100,000 bonus is also up for grabs for completing any A Superyacht Life mission.

Note that Salvage Yard Robbery Targets this week in GTA Online include The Överflöd Autarch (Super), Dinka Jester Classic (Sports), and Annis Hellion (Off-Road).

Scope out the following Showroom Vehicles this week from your favorite dealers:

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom Vehicles: The Ocelot Swinger (Sports Classic, 30% off), Lampadati Viseris (Sports Classic), Vulcar Warrener (Sedan), BF Bifta (Off-Road), and Pegassi Bati 801RR (Motorcycle)
  • Luxury Autos Showroom Vehicles: The Grotti Turismo Omaggio (Super) and Vapid Dominator GT (Muscle)

Meanwhile, those that win in the LS Car Meet Series two days in a row will earn players the Vapid GB200 (Sports). LS Car Meet Test Rides this week include The Ocelot Locust (Sports), Enus Paragon R (Sports), and Bravado Verlierer (Sports).

If that’s not enough, players can get behind the wheel of this week’s HSW Premium Test Ride: The Imponte Arbiter GT.

Make sure to spin the Lucky Wheel this week too; the latest top prize is The Annis Euros (Sports).

When it comes to discounts, be sure to check out the following:

  • 30% off the Galaxy Super Yacht and its Modifications
  • Vehicle Discounts: 30% off the Sonar Station Upgrade for the Kosatka, Shitzu Longfin (Boat), Lampadati Toro (Boat), Dinka Marquis (Boat), Pegassi Speeder (Boat), Shitzu Jetmax (Boat), Kraken Avisa (Submarine), Ocelot Locust (Sports), and Ocelot Swinger (Sports Classic), plus 40% off the Pegassi Torero XO (Super) and Grotti Furia (Super)
  • Gun Van Discounts: 30% off the Battle Axe and 40% off the Tactical SMG for GTA+ Members
  • GTA+ Members: An additional 2X GTA$ and RP on A Superyacht Life Contact Missions this week, an extra GTA$1M bonus every month through August, a free Överflöd Entity MT (Super), a Cinco de Mayo Tee and Mask, a Black LS Customs Tee, Neck Gaiter, and Cap, and more

Source: Press Release

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