Afterfall: InSanity preorder at only $1

Afterfall: InSanity preorder at only $1
Afterfall: Insanity is a post-apocalyptic horror-genre game produced and published by Nicolas Games and the preorder is only $1. As well as the game, which might I say looks Freaking awesome, you also get the soundtrack free of charge! It seems too good to be true but, there is a catch. If Nicolas Games doesn’t sell at least 10 million pre-orders,then all of the pre-order money will be donated to charity and the game will cost $34.90 (Unless you pre-order, then it will only cost $33.90). The game will be released on the 25th of November and that’s also the deadline. So pre-order as soon as possible because the game looks awesome and I want to get it cheap!

However, some of the best selling games in history haven’t hit the 10 million mark, so how does an unknown company expect to do it? The ability to pre-order has started today and already 11,603 people have pre-ordered it (Including me 😀 ). It’s a long way off their target of 10 million but even if the game doesn’t get 10 million pre-orders at least my dollar is given to charity.

Blaine Smith

Blaine Smith, or Smith as he prefers to be called as he doesn't have to repeat it four times before people get it, is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes. Smith has been playing games for over 30 years, from Rex & 180 on ZX Spectrum to the latest releases on the ninth generation of consoles. RPG's are his go-to genre, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Legend of Legaia, and Elder Scrolls being among his favorites, but he'll play almost anything once (except Dark Souls). You can best reach him on Twitter


  1. yeah 10 milions it’s a high number but who knows.
    For $1 i can buy game and/or give some donate for amnesty international so i’m in.

  2. Wow ;D 10 millions preorders really is insane movement ;D I already helped them and I bought 2 copies, for me and my cousin ^^

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