Amazon Luna January 2022 Games Detailed

Kine, MONOPOLY Madness, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will make their way to Amazon Luna in January 2022.

Chump Squad and Gwen Frey’s Kine is a 3D puzzle game about three musical machines that are hoping to find their big break. As players manipulate and maneuver each character, they will take on more than 120 puzzles and listen to an award-winning soundtrack.

Based on the classic board game, Ubisoft’s MONOPOLY Madness has players roaming the streets of Monopoly City to collect money, water, and electricity. There are 20 playable characters in all, along with four different environments.

Finally, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction by Ubisoft Montreal has players working together to take on parasite-like aliens called the Archaeans. To get ahead of this threat, players can send out recon drones, reinforce doors and windows, and shoot through walls.

In December 2021, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, Chorus, Devil May Cry 5, Disc Room, DreamWorks Spirit: Lucky’s Big Adventure, Judgment, Katana ZERO, Myst, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon were introduced to Amazon Luna.

Source: Press Release
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