Amazon Luna+ November 2021 Games Detailed

New to Amazon Luna+ in November are the titles Carrion, Gris, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition, and PHOGS!


Set to release on Luna+ on November 22, Carrion lets players stalk and consume people in what is dubbed a “reverse horror game.” Players will grow and evolve in the prison that once confined you, setting off on a path of retribution. You can read our review here.


Also set to release in November is Gris. This serene and evocative experience is a safe haven that features light puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional skill-based challenges. As a hopeful young girl, players will navigate her faded reality and see her world in a different way.

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is a soulslike that has players taking advantage of the “Mortal Shells” of defeated warriors. Parries and counterblows are a common occurrence, with combat being strategic and deliberate. You can read our review here.


Finally, PHOGS! Is a captivating puzzle adventure that has players taking control of a duo of dogs. Players will be able to explore areas like Sleep World and Play World when it launches in November.

Source: Press Release
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