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Anarchy Reigns Gets Some PR Help from the Blacker Baron

Anarchy Reigns Gets Some PR Help from the Blacker Baron
When it comes to the world of marketing, the sky’s the limit. Seeing how marketers need to sell users on a product, it’s practically a requirement to grab people’s attention any way they can. PlatinumGames, the development team behind the recent free-for-all fighter Anarchy Reigns, has come up with a particularly unique way to bring new fighters into the fold: by enlisting the help of The Blacker Baron.

Taking on the persona of the pimptastic Blacker Baron, a team member has taken to Twitter under the handle @BlackerBaron to promote the game. Not only is this pimp pimping out PlatinumGames’ game, he is also taking the time to answer his undying fans’ questions, comments, and concerns. With more than 300 Tweets to date, he has also shown off Anarchy Reigns-related swag, highlighted fan art, and taken numerous pictures of his journeys. Take a look at some of the tweets and pictures that the Blaker Baron has been posting.

So what do you guys think? Is the Blacker Baron from PlatinumGames? Or is it a fan? Hit us up in the comments below. Those who want to give this player a shoutout can do so here.

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