Another Year, Another Kickstarter Android Device

Although it is early in 2013 there is plenty of Kickstarters active. This new one looks very interesting for gamers. Do you remember the Ouya? Well this new project looks to take that idea and put it into a smaller package. The GameStick is a small device that is supposed to roughly be the size of a USB thumb stick. The Kickstarter went up a day ago and is already receiving a good dose of backers.

The GameStick looks to bring the Android games market to the TV by using the Android Jelly Bean operating system. The small device has a decent amount of power for such a small device. The thumb stick looking console plugs in via a HDMI port. The processor is a Amlogic 8726-MAX and it has 1GB DDR3 memory with 8GB flash memory for storing local files. Most of the games and memory however will be run from a cloud storage content manager. Everything else is wireless, a WiFI 802.11 b/g/n card and Bluetooth for controller devices.

game-stick-kickstarterThe controller itself looks like a modified controller from current consoles with a couple of buttons removed. Specifically a second set of triggers seem to be missing, but plenty of buttons for most android games. To me the actual controller doesn’t look very ergonomic. The square-ish shape of the controller is not the best for long gaming sessions.

The system is supposed to have support for up to 4 controllers and keyboard and mouse through bluetooth. Not much is known how these things will interact with each other though. From what it looks like every GameStick device comes with a controller as well as a GameStick drive. The idea is that these two things fit together and can be carried anywhere that has a TV and WiFi.

The current status is promising for the GameStick. They seem to be hitting all the correct buttons, so to speak, for gamers. There is a large amount of developers that seem to be backing the project along with a number of games already promised for the platform. One of the good things going for the platform is that it is cheap. It looks like the GameStick will go for somewhere around $70 with tons of free-to-play games. Most of the games listed for the platform range from $2-$7.

So what do you guys think? Is this device interesting to you? Are you ready to back the project? Hit us up in the comments and tell us!

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