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Anthem Gameplay Trailer Released

Anthem Gameplay Trailer Released
Earlier today at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference we got a look at EA’s new game Anthem in action. It looks like this will be a co-op open World RPG when you pilot Exo-Suits and search for loot. Check out the Anthem Gameplay Trailer here.

Anthem Gameplay E3 2017 Trailer

Here is the E3 2017 Trailer.

This is a co-op demo where a couple of players show off the movement and combat of Anthem in action. After picking their suits they jump off and start flying around the lush jungle world below them. It is mentioned that you will get multiple Exo-Suits with a bunch of customization as well. They fly through the air and under the water making it look like you can explore quite a bit of this world. After the combat is done, they get their loot, and who doesn’t love loot? Towards the end, they team up with two others and form a four-man party, right before jumping into a giant electric storm.

Anthem is not due out until Fall 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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