Ape Escape Fan Remake Released

Spike and the runaway simians of Ape Escape have never looked so good with Yahya Danboos’ fan remake of the game.

A remake of the PlayStation 1 classic by Japan Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment, this title was created as a challenge to see how Ape Escape would look if it were created for modern consoles like the Playstation 5. The objective is simple: Catch all the wild Monkeys and return to base. However, to make things easier, a number of gadgets are available at the player’s disposal.

This title was a collaborative effort, with the Ape Escape logo created by TeckGeck, music by Turret 3471, the Spike, Time Net and Stun Club model by quiet_art, the Spike voice over by cratchett, and the Pipo Monkey model by mathpaula28.

See it in action with the trailer below:

I remade Ape Escape for Next-Gen RTX (PS1 → PS5)

You can download the game on the itch.io page here.

Source: Press Release
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