Arcade Basketball Roguelite RoboDunk Now Available

Providing a ludicrous display of mecha sports, Jollypunch Games’ RoboDunk is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

For those who have dabbled in games like NBA Jam, this title takes basketball into a new age. No need to keep things grounded here; RoboDunk features Space Dunks, stop-motion robo ballers, and even weaponry that can be wielded on the court!

Along the way, players will be able to say nuts to fouls with satisfying tackles. The fun doesn’t stop there either; players will also be able to shoot lasers while weaving through asteroids and jumping over tornados.

The title supports solo and local multiplayer, alongside drop-in/drop-out co-op in all modes and up to 4 players versus.

Learn more with the trailer below:

RoboDunk Launch Trailer – Roguelite Basketball Combat Robots

According to Gabriele Libera, Jollypunch Games Founder:

“I made RoboDunk to fill a hole in the hearts of NBA Jam fans everywhere. Even if you never enjoyed a sports game or a roguelite I guarantee dunking from space will get your blood pumping, and the infinite unlocks, randomized campaign and strange lore will keep you coming back for more.”Gabriele Libera

The title is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch and the PC via Steam. Note that the title supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Italian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

For those who’d like to keep up to date with the conversation, the official Twitter/X page for @JollypunchGames can be found here.

Source: Press Release
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