ARK: Survival Evolved’s First Big PlayStation 4 Update Is 375 MB & Fixes Invite Crash

ARK: Survival Evolved News
Studio Wildcard, the studio that never sleeps, today released the first big update for the PlayStation 4 version of ARK: Survival Evolved fixing a number of problems and introducing the Primitive + conversion mode for European players.

The new update comes in at just over 375mb in size and fixes a number of issues previously plaguing the PlayStation 4 version. Players are now able to invite friends to servers, where previously it would cause the game to hard crash. Fonts problems for those playing in certain languages have been addressed and PlayStation 4 Pro now has a 1080p option.

  • PS4 Pro now has 1080p option (looks super sharp, runs nice & fast with it too)
  • Fixed Fonts not appearing properly if running PlayStation with languages other than English, French, Italian, or German (until this patch is released, if your game is not displaying Fonts correctly, please change your system langauge to one of those)
  • Europe: Primitive+ added
  • Option to disable Outgoing Voice Chat (for Streamers etc)
  • Fixed Invites
  • Fixed N/A Ping times sorting incorrectly
  • Fixed Ping times to player-hosted servers
  • Fixed Cross-Ark List to display only the servers you can actually transfer to
  • Fixed a case where you could get stuck in trees / foliage
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes and improved API-related use cases
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