Arknights: Endfield Trailer Released

To mark the launch of the PC technical test of HYPERGRYPH Arknights: Endfield for China, the team has released new story and gameplay trailers for the game.

Set in the world of the mobile tower defense RPG hybrid Arknights and anime series Arknights: Perish in Frost, Arknights: Endfield will feature a real-time, 3D RPG experience with strategic elements. However, the title will feature its own setting, storyline, and characters.

Players will be transported to the dangerous world of Talos-II, which features expansive wildlands and uninhabited lands filled with Catastrophes. As part of a team of Endfield Industries operators, players will be tasked with unraveling the mystery hidden in the untamed world’s ruins.

Along the way, the player’s party will encounter various factions and enemies that must be overcome. One can operate multiple operators at the same time, utilizing a real-time strategic system to get the edge in battle.

Learn more with the teaser trailer below:

Arknights: Endfield Teaser Trailer 01

A gameplay trailer was also released – check it out below:

Arknights: Endfield Gameplay Demo 02

Those who’d like to join the upcoming global PC technical test for Arknights: Endfield can learn more by signing up for the Arknights: Endfield newsletter on the official website. In the interim, one can join the conversation with the official Discord for the title.

Source: Press Release
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