Arma Reforger Update 1.2 Now Available

The team at Bohemia Interactive announced that the 1.2 update for Arma Reforger is now available, bringing with it new features, assets, and improvements.

As part of update 1.2, AI soldiers can now operate ground vehicles, navigate road networks, and avoid obstacles. Players will also be able to recruit and direct AI comrades with commands to move, halt, suppress, heal, follow, and defend.

Meanwhile, new weapon additions as part of this update include the AKS-74U, a lightweight, close-quarter variant of the AK-74.

Finally, the following enhancements have also been made to Arma Reforger as part of update 1.2:

  • Vehicle Unflipping: Allows players to right overturned vehicles, often requiring teamwork.
  • Copilot Control: Enables copilots to take over helicopter controls if the pilot is incapacitated.
  • Civilian Faction: Now available in Game Master mode with randomized loadouts.
  • Get-in/Get-out Refactor: Separate actions for opening doors and entering/exiting vehicles.
  • Cycle Waypoints: Create cyclical patrol routes for AI soldiers.
  • Linking Waypoints: Assign AI to specific vehicles or objectives, enhancing scenario creation.
  • Inventory Improvements: The inventory system has been overhauled for better functionality and performance, with a complete UX/UI refresh.

Learn more with the Arma Reforger: Reinforcements trailer below:

Arma Reforger: Reinforcements

Source: Press Release

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