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Assassin’s Creed 5: Next Stop Paris

Assassin's Creed V leaked

According to several insider sources of Kotaku, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is getting not one but two different titles this year. The first game is called Unity. Several images about it were leaked by someone, who prefers to stay anonymous. The pictures show what looks like pre-revolutionary Paris, together with Notre Dame, the Seine, etc. While the building models already look really good, character detail, shadows and several textures indicate, that it’s still an early version of the game.


The second title is code-named ‘Comet’. Now there comes the strange part: While Unity will be released for current gen’s PS4 and Xbox ONE, Comet is supposedly being released for PS3 and Xbox 360. According to Kotaku, presumably one or both will get a PC release as well. There were no mentions of a WiiU port.

In Unity you will play as Arno. How he intertwines with the current story, we don’t know. Locations outside Paris? Everything could be possible: The temperate landscape of Île-de-France with it’s luscious buildings or only Paris, the most populous European city at the time. Story? Hell, maybe you’ll guillotine Louis XVI. yourself. Even less is known about Comet.

It’s mostly just assumptions at the moment and the more you assume, the more you’ll be disappointed. So patiently wait until Ubisoft makes their announcements. However, the AC franchise is milked dry as it is and another two games within a year could permanently total the storyline. We would then have a CoD of Action-Adventures and I think the least of fans of the franchise would like that. The full set of screenshots can be found on Kotaku.

Source: Kotaku

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