Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Getting New Arcade Challenges

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Old-school coin-op fun is coming to Exit Plan Games’ Bang-On Balls: Chronicles with new arcade challenges.

A free update to the action-adventure 3D platformer, both Super Car Banger Turbo and Ultimate Bang-On Mega Bricks are the first in a series of new mini-challenges.

Super Car Banger Turbo pays tribute to the Street Fighter II car-crushing classic, posing a simple question for players: How fast can you smash it? This epic car demolition contest has players turning their ball into a Ball Fighter for massive damage.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Bang-On Mega Bricks has players surviving 99 challenges while in the tetroid brick world. The ultimate reward can be yours if you can survive threats like bombs and disappearing bricks.

Coming soon to the game is the Space Race Quest, which serves as a new chronicle that features the 1960’s space race between the USA and the Soviet Union. More details will be released soon, and the full release will come out this October.

You can find the game on Steam here.

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