Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Space Race Chronicle Teaser Released

Space is more than just the final frontier; it’s also the next location in Exit Plan Games’ Bang-On Balls: Chronicles.

Dubbed the Space Race chronicle, this update will feature more than hours of gameplay. A new adventure map has been included, one that more than triples the size of the Vikings chronicle.

This update is based on the 1950’s conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union to dominate outer space. Sputnik, Yuri Gargarin & Alan Shepard, and the moon landings all played a key role during this time, and Bang-On Balls brings you their take with spies, rockets, and other intricate details. Players will race to space, infiltrating one (or both) of the parties’ aerospace bases to hijack their operations and head to the moon.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Space Race Teaser

The title is now available in Steam Early Access on the PC, and will soon make its way to the Xbox ecosystem.

Source: Press Release
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