Banned Steam Game “Myth Of Empires” Goes Back On Sale

Myth of Empires, a game that was recently removed from Steam following a DMCA takedown notice from Ark: Survival Evolved developers, Snail Games & Studio Wildcard, will soon be available to purchase again following an announcement from developers today.

The online survival game was met with a positive reception from players but following the DMCA incident, the game was completely removed from Steam. Those that already owned the game could continue to play it but Valve would not sell the game on the Steam platform. Since then, Myth of Empires developers’ have filed a lawsuit to counter the DMCA, but that litigation is likely to take some time.

Banned Steam Game “Myth Of Empires” Goes Back On Sale

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It’s clear that the developers of Myth of Empires have no interest in backing down as today they announced, via the games official Discord, that they would soon be launching a testing window for the Myth of Empires Official Launcher. The Myth of Empires International Vanguard Edition, published by Imperium Interactive Entertainment, will be available to purchase on the official store on January 17th, 7PM PST. Full announcement below:

Thank you for your continued support for Myth of Empires. We are happy to announce that we will begin testing the Myth of Empires Official Launcher – International Vanguard Edition starting on January 17, 7PM Pacific Time. in 13 hours There may be bugs and errors, so during the early stages, we will be selling limited quantities daily in order to improve the purchase and download process. Once we’ve made the necessary improvements and fixes, it will be officially opened to all players.

I. About Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition
The Myth of Empires International Vanguard Edition is published by Imperium Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. The International Vanguard Edition will be located at (https://store.mythofempires.com/), where you can register an account, purchase and download the game, receive updates, and find customer service. The International Vanguard Edition is compatible with the servers also used by the Steam Early Access version of the game. The game version is also the same, and supports Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Japanese, and Portuguese.

II. Pricing and limited sales period
Sales period and quantity: The launcher test will begin on January 17 at 19:00 PST. During the testing phase, an additional 250 game keys will be sold every day at 07:00 and 19:00. We will increase the number of keys sold to suit the needs of the test, so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements.
Price: A single copy of the game will cost $29.99, with a limited-time price of $24.99 after discount. You can also buy a 3-pack for $89.97, with a limited-time price of $69.99 after discount.
(1)We set this price to match the Steam price, in accordance with Early Access rules that say a title cannot be offered for a lower price on a different platform.
(2)Regional pricing is currently unavailable for this version of the game, so for the time being, the price will be the same across all regions.
(3)Currently, Alipay and WeChat payments are handled in Hong Kong Dollars. The price for a single copy is 194 HKD ($24.99), with a 3-pack costing 545 HKD ($69.99). quickzR

Initially, only a limited number of codes will be available to purchase during specific time windows. This is expected to increase as the platform is testing and approved for wider use.

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