Battleborn Tap Releases Today for Both iOS and Android

Battleborn Tap - Gamers Heroes
Battleborn Tap – Gamers Heroes
Battleborn Tap is making its way to iOS and Android platforms today. See how this game interfaces with Battleborn for consoles and PC.

According to the press release sent by 2K Games, Battleborn Tap contains the following features:

  • Unlock, hire, and command your heroes to dominate the field of battle
  • Collect loot by defeating waves of enemies to earn new gear and abilities
  • Upgrade your heroes’ stats and active abilities
  • Collect gear from 5 different rarities to boost your hero’s capabilities
  • Earn in-game achievements to collect special rewards
  • Unlock exclusive rewards for Battleborn on PS4/Xbox One/PC

    You can view a trailer for the game below:

    Battleborn Tap – Trailer

    Source: Press Release

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