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Become The Ultimate Icon In Need For Speed

The new Need For Speed is all about playing how you want to play. As you go through the game you will get to join up with different racing icons from the real world. How do you want to play your Need for Speed?

As you play through the game in Need For Speed, you will make the choice on your play style. There are five different styles that will get you noticed by the games key icons. The game is trying to make a better narrative for a driving game, while adding real life racing icons to the game. You will get you choose from speed, style, build, crew and outlaw icons. Each path will have a different racing icon for you to learn from and race with.

The Speed Icon is all about speed, duh. The icon in the game is Magnus Walker who is known for high speed racing and adrenaline pumping driving.

The Style Icon is about sliding and jumping. Ken Block is the style icon in the game and he is known precision sliding and jumping corners.

The Build Icon is about customizing the your car. Nakai-San is the icon for this path and to impress him you will need to pimp out your ride. The car needs to look good and perform well to get on his good side.

The Crew Icon is about drifting and making risking moves. The Risky Devil’s are the icons of the Crew style and they are mastered of drifting. They also ride super close to each other without bumping into one another, you will need to be precise for this Icon.

Last is the Outlaw Icon. The Outlaw Icon is lead by Morohosi-San and they just go after what they want. He likes to race at night and to outrun to police. This crew seems like one of the more risky crews.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer at Ghost Games.’ position=” photo=” style=’callout’]“We’re honoured to be working with these icons – they live and breathe the lifestyle we’re looking to recreate and have been such an inspiration to the team as we return Need for Speed back to greatness,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer at Ghost Games. “We wanted to create a powerful story that’s emotional but also pushes the boundaries of technology by adding real-time compositing to the power of Frostbite. This allows us, for the first time ever, to blend live action film seamlessly with your in-game car and garage.”

The game takes inspiration from the film industry to attempt to take the story to the next level. Your car will show up in actual cut scenes, showing off you choices in the game. Need For Speed launches November 3, 2015.

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