Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Overview Trailer Released

Ahead of its release next month, discover how players will get those brains a-flexin’ with the latest trailer for Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain.

In this title, players will take on a number of different fast-paced activities, which include memorizing a series of numbers, identifying animals that slowly come into focus, and guiding a train to its goal. Everything comes down to the Big Brain Brawn score, which can be determined with a test.

Players will also be able to compete with four-player matches in a race to see who gets the highest score. All those that participate can play together at varying difficulties, serving as a way to balance proceedings. For those who’d like to compete against others worldwide, Ghost Clash mode will allow players to compete against users’ data.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The game will come out for the Nintendo Switch on December 3, 2021. For those who’d like a taste of things to come, a free demo is now available on the Nintendo eShop.

Source: YouTube
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