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BioShock Infinite Release Date Pushed Back

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Every time I read something new about BioShock Infinite it seems to be bad news. This time the game has been pushed back four weeks. Find out the reasons behind the delay below!
Robot The push back doesn’t seem to have been caused due to any major problems, just some polishing and fine tuning.

“Okay, guys, I have some bad news,” said Levine. ‘When Rod [Fergusson, Epic’s former Production Director] came on the project a couple of months ago – and this dude is living in a hotel nearby because he really wanted to work on Infinite – he really fell in love with the game. But he said, ‘look, Ken, I really think the game would benefit from three or four more weeks’.

“I thought ahead to this conversation and went ‘Oh God!’,” Levine continued. “But at the end of the day, we’ve got to ship a great game. So if it’s three or four more weeks, then it’s three or four more weeks. So it’s March 26th, now.”

Anyone who enjoyed the first BioShock as much as me will be glad to hear this. I don’t mind a game delay if it will help to make a better final product. Although this is somewhat bad news(since we have to wait longer) it isn’t as bad as the news about multiplayer being cut.

Still we’ve been waiting since 2010 to get our hands on the game so hopefully this is the last delay. Look forward to getting your hands on the game on March 26, 2013!

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