Black Skylands Coming to Steam Early Access June 11

Players will be able to get ready for battle when tinyBuild and Hungry Couch Games’ open-world action-adventure Black Skylands hits Steam Early Access on June 11, 2021.

This title takes inspiration from farming simulators, RPGs, sandboxes, and even bullet hell shooters. Combining open-world gameplay elements with a top-down shooter action-adventure, players will take control of Eva. This proud daughter of the Earner must rebuild her aerial home “from the deck up” as she contends with the cold-blooded Kain’s Falcons.

Dozens of weapons are in Eva’s arsenal, including aerial attacks and a grappling hook. Players will be able to choose a skyship that fits their playstyle, outfitting them with different mods and special abilities. Along the way, players will be able to build, expand and protect thier aerial base, and can also capture territories and explore a sprawling world.

Learn more with the following trailer:

Black Skylands is coming to Early Access June 11 | Wishlist on Steam!

You can find the game on Steam here. The game will be in Early Access for up to 12 months, and the development team stated that they will take their time as they polish the game while adding as much quality content as possible.

Source: Press Release
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