Blair Witch VR Trailer Gets Behind-the-Scenes Look

What goes into the making of a fantastic horror trailer? Lionsgate and Bloober Team pull back the curtain with their behind-the-scenes look for the game.

The launch trailer for the game, which you can see below, captures the spirit of the found footage horror film into a two minute trailer. In order to create it, retro technology has been juxtaposed with modern VR gear to flip the point of view flips from past horror to present gameplay.

Blair Witch VR Edition – Live Action Launch Trailer

According to Krzysztof Janicki, Creative Marketing Lead at Bloober Team:

“Making a horror game trailer has its own challenges. Within a minute or two we need to tell a story, evoke strong emotions, and still show what the game is all about.”

When describing pre-production of the Blair Witch: VR Edition trailer, Janicki said the following:

“We spend a lot of time finding the best place for shooting, the right people we want at the set, all the props we need… It can take up to several weeks. Pace is a big part of making this trailer extremely Blair Witch, with tension ramping up via faster and faster shots. The way the live action elements were recorded are also reminiscent of Blair Witch as we used handheld shots similar to those from the film. We’re fortunate to have multi-skilled creatives at Bloober Team, so the people who shoot live footage at the set are the same people who edit and merge it with gameplay to make a… well… game trailer. This ensures consistency and continuity of our creative vision and might actually be “the secret sauce” of our trailers.”

You can view the behind-the-scenes shots below:

Behind-the-Scenes Shots

The game is now available for Oculus, PC, and PlayStation VR platforms.

Source: Press Release
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